Monday, October 5, 2009

Three weeks notice (gotta write a two weeks)

Hey by this title you should know I did finish that resume, and well I did get a job. I will be working at Telvista.. its a company that contracts out technical support, so essentially I will be Verizon FIOS technical support. This job looks very promising I start out with pretty good pay and after 90 days it goes up a dollar. The first month is class which sounds pretty cool, however it is way early in the morning starting at 7 (thats usually the time I wake up for work now) then I get to choose whether to do my 40 hours in 5 days or 4 days! thats good news I believe I will be going with the 4 days 10 hour shifts.. I mean why not you are already there whats 2 more hours and then have a 3 day weekend! I may be getting to excited about this job but I really don't hear any bad things about it... the benefits are good, full time, and there are companies that love to hire from Telvista, so I could easily work my way up with this job, its a great foot in the door. Well now it looks like I gotta get to writing my two weeks notice for Blockbuster...

once again I am writing in my blog to try and get my mind the writing mood (which I always do listening to the Nine Inch Nails Ghosts albums). So I really enjoyed blockbuster as a company except some of the more nasty customers and retarted decisions the company would make every now and then, but the worst part (the reason why I am leaving) is because even though I am a manager I am not a store/sales manager I am technically part time although for the past 2 years I had been working 40 hour weeks, so now it turns out all of a sudden I can't get more than 32 hours a week that basically comes down to 200 dollars less a month to an already strict budget, so I'm gone as of the 24th I shall no longer be employed at Blockbuster (23rd should be my last day).... I will miss certain things about the company yes, however I won't really mind finishing up this chapter in my life.