Saturday, June 5, 2010

Drowning in connectivity

yes that was a title for one of the podcasts I listen to on the TWiT network. Its a good statement thought and I am probably guilty of this, I Google everything, I validate people statements way to often now. To some they don't appreciate it, well thats who I am. I should be getting a Nexus One finally I have been wanting it long enough, my job is going great... sadly still a contractor, basically means that I am more expendable than anyone who actually works at Gamestop. I really don't know the point of this post, but does there really need to be one sometimes its just good to write, even thought I can't write for shit right now, I guess my writing skills go away when you don't use them... well don't use them correctly because with facebook and twitter updates, you don't write for a professional audience you are writing for a much more personal one.... well I own ... would be nice if I owned my actual name, but for the most part thats all taken. yes it just takes you here for now at least I don't know if I plan to change that in the future probably not. I am still thinking of doing a website, but so far thats all it is "thinking". alright this post has become pointless for the most part, I was writing a self wish list, and was like hey I'll write a quick blog post.

Ridiculous wishlist (not including whats on steam or possibly amazon)

Nexus One or new android phone $529.99.... still up in the air on this right now
should be able to get one used (great condition with accessories) $400

MGS: Peace walker PSP Big Boss edition bundle - $199.99 tax - 216.49
^that version is a gamestop exclusive

Zune 120gb (30gb I am deleting music now) I've seen some places have it for around $100, but most places have it at ~$200

super street fighter 4 on ps3 and xbox360 - I'm a competitor and I've got nemesis(already plural?) on both consoles.

Ipad 16gb wifi $499.99 if tax 541.24 ... I don't want an iPhone however I like to play a lot of the games, and very interesting apps out there.

of course new computer at this point in time I would like an i7930 with 480GTX minimum 4gb ddr3 ram $1500-$3000
gtx 480
^ modernize my computer more.... also just might do something else I want an i7 machine, but thats 1500 minimum this is half that, and probably not that much less of performance

would also like an android tablet... the Tegra2 one $? probably less than $500
almost want a win7 tablet as well.... probably not though,.

I kinda want Win phone 7, I know my fiancée will be getting one, so perhaps I will just play with hers

laptop briefcase... remember that blog post earlier about cheap laptop, well I surprisingly use it a lot.