Thursday, December 8, 2016

Discord gets better but has one outstanding issue more than lag that's bothering me, and that's the alt+tab/loading games causing mic/sound interruptions

Issues and glitchy audio when loading certain games -
Discord cuts when I tab in our tab out of a fullscreen game -
Cuts when entering/AltTab game -

Just about everyone I know has this issue with games that use exclusive fullscreen and there are some other apps that do this and some that don't

+ts3 32/64 doesn't appear to do it
-vlc 32/64 both do it
+mpc 32/64 doesn't do it
-discord only has 32bit does do it...
-foobar only has 32bit does do it...
+GrooveMusic I assume 64bit only doesn't do it...
+Spreaker Studio Doesn't do it and that's another electron app, plus it let's me try Direct Sound, MME, and WASAPI output, none of which appear to have the same issue.

+= I can launch, toggle, and alt tab full screen apps with no interruption to audio
-= Launching, alt tabbing, and toggling full screen causes interruption to audio.

This is just a blob of text to get people who are googling to see this issue, I have no fix.

I have tried running games as administrator, discord as administrator, both as admin, both not admin. I've look for common DLL denominators that various apps that have and don't have the issue not really seeing a connection.

In Discord I have tried Toggling "Use Legacy Audio Subsystem" in the voice settings. I have tried Toggling "Hardware Acceleration" in the Appearance settings, which off btw did help in a lot of Borderless games, so yeah, had that same issue with web browsers, and other Windows trying to use the GPU while playing the game.

EDIT20171219: ARK Survival Evolved connecting to a server can replicate this issue very easily. As well as launching Origin can occasionally cause this issue.

EDIT20190424: You can get the voice distortion saving files in Illustrator as well someone let me know.

Additional Note: This issue is apparently worse with multiple monitors I believe especially if you have monitors with different refresh rates.