Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nexus One

I am so excited... and its all based on the rumormill, but so many blogs and news sites advertising some of the information from the rumormill almost adds confirmation. So far I believe all the leaked specs are correct. Multiple sites (probably still only 1 source) say release of January 5th, and quite possibly $199 or $100 for "old" Google users hopefully I qualify, which brings me to another point that Nexus One might be invite only at first which also should apply to "old" google users which I have had Gmail since 6/21/2004.. only a coupe of months after its release. So Google if you are reading this please let me be worthy enough for the invite to purchase Nexus One. Don't get me wrong my G1 is good, but its not perfect. Also I plan to start developing on Android, if anyone has any tips let me know I will also be on XDA for help and etc.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Work going good oh and Wave! :-)

I am still in training for my new job.. yea its a lot of training and the final test will be Monday! pass that and then I start answering phones then in a week I'm working a new crappy Schedule... which is cool I will be able to get it changed in 90 days and once I show I am excellent I should have first bid. Anyways I got my google Wave invite today! woot, looks like quite a few went out today, couple of my contacts showed up on there as well, and well I had to invite a couple people next to me.. because I was checking my e-mail at work... yea bad idea. and wave wow... Its a chat room with missing features, I really am not sure what to do with it.... its really cool, I think it will almost be better as a website builder with a friend than anything else, maybe when I get a lot of people in a wave the purpose will change for me. short terrible grammar post today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New job test tommorow

Yea so I've been a little preoccupied with things to write, however I thought about writing quite a few times just never really got around to it. Well anyways I started my new job last week 10-26-09 w00t! and so far so good I do believe I am the youngest person out of my hire group(class).. yea there is this 5 week class that we go through for a "Major Telecom Company that has a contract with Telvista" I am actually not aloud to say what company it is, however I believe telvista's website has all their contracts *cough*. So blockbuster is completely done with and what was my store is suppose to become and "permanent outlet store" which means they won't rent, but not close either even though on my last day we got store closing signs... upper management is still lying to my once fellow employees that the store will not close. We'll see and honestly I would love it to stay open. Anyways maybe not working their I will actually stop talking about the old BBV well until I get a combo movie or game pass.... So I've got a 2nd xbox 360 nice and modded to play my backups... and honestly its great for lanning as well instead of buying the game twice (I do own a legit copy of these) I just hate split screen that much....

I thought I would be bored of my phone already, but new roms and apps continually come out.... now I still get jealous about newer phones coming out especially that Verizon is getting the new DROID which is just amazing, yet I am sure that when my contract is up there will be absolutely amazing phones out... now T-Mobile was DOWN yesterday... all over the united states effecting (they said 5% of their customers) yet twitter and message boards... lead me to believe that it is way higher than that.

Sudden stop here I am not fully sure how to end today's post, other than I am going to make my Girlfriend some dinner and pamper her tonight she has had a rough week with her "new" job (had for a few months) so shes already to job hunt... but I am hoping to relax her some tonight...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Three weeks notice (gotta write a two weeks)

Hey by this title you should know I did finish that resume, and well I did get a job. I will be working at Telvista.. its a company that contracts out technical support, so essentially I will be Verizon FIOS technical support. This job looks very promising I start out with pretty good pay and after 90 days it goes up a dollar. The first month is class which sounds pretty cool, however it is way early in the morning starting at 7 (thats usually the time I wake up for work now) then I get to choose whether to do my 40 hours in 5 days or 4 days! thats good news I believe I will be going with the 4 days 10 hour shifts.. I mean why not you are already there whats 2 more hours and then have a 3 day weekend! I may be getting to excited about this job but I really don't hear any bad things about it... the benefits are good, full time, and there are companies that love to hire from Telvista, so I could easily work my way up with this job, its a great foot in the door. Well now it looks like I gotta get to writing my two weeks notice for Blockbuster...

once again I am writing in my blog to try and get my mind the writing mood (which I always do listening to the Nine Inch Nails Ghosts albums). So I really enjoyed blockbuster as a company except some of the more nasty customers and retarted decisions the company would make every now and then, but the worst part (the reason why I am leaving) is because even though I am a manager I am not a store/sales manager I am technically part time although for the past 2 years I had been working 40 hour weeks, so now it turns out all of a sudden I can't get more than 32 hours a week that basically comes down to 200 dollars less a month to an already strict budget, so I'm gone as of the 24th I shall no longer be employed at Blockbuster (23rd should be my last day).... I will miss certain things about the company yes, however I won't really mind finishing up this chapter in my life.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Should be writing a resume.

Well just like my title says I should be writing a resume, but I need to think right now. I've notice blog writing can be difficult to write if you have to write something, however since I have no pressure to write or really and audience to please I can use it to brain storm. So basically my resume is kinda meh at best, just need to write a nice little Objective section as well as a interest section. Thinking 1-3 sentences about needing a job to gas up my life some how for the objective. As for interests I was thinking about talking about my computer interests and the fact that I am a conversationalist and enjoy talking to people as well as learning. So I guess now I need to word it perfectly and with the correct grammar.
How this all started well... it started a while ago, I mean my first blog post is about trying to make money. My current employer who will be named (remain nameless sounds cooler though), Blockbuster has made it very important that I do not work more than 32 hours a week, because my title is officially a part time and not full time, even thought I have worked 40 hours a week for pretty much 2 years. Holidays are coming up as well as other things coming out.... So I am going to get a new job, I have to. So after listening to some TWiT I am going to work on my resume some more and perhaps apply at some places just in case "resume jobs" don't work out so well.

Monday, September 14, 2009

I need to hit the play button on life

Alright this weekend was awesome and not awesome, it was awesome because we had a soaking we kegger, and it sucked because we had a soaking wet kegger. So I enjoyed the party I just have a problem with getting all my clothes all mudded up having to clean them and sleeping in a leaking tent. There were some marine buddies in town, plus my usual peeps that I hang out with so really it was awesome. That was Saturday night to Sunday morning, don't worry if you want to check it out the pictures are under the PARTY section in my picasa which were there really quick.

I want a new job and a change, now don't get me wrong I am very happy with my life, but things have to get moving. I am not really meaning college, but I do want to get some certifications like A plus and CCNA, which I am positive I could walk in and pass the Aplus no problem, but I will make sure to study both before I go in that way I have a less chance of failing and wasting the cost of the exam. My job is meh I like Blockbuster, but things just happen that more and more make you want to move on so I want to. Publishing this post could just give me that incentive, because quite frankly my manage looks at facebook and my facebook has my friendfeed tab on my profile and she can find it, but I really don't think she will, not that its a problem if she does. I just want a new job.

FYI added gdgt widget to the right ->

Saturday, September 12, 2009

The interwebz

Now the internet is amazing... access to tons of information at my fingertips... and well google simplifies it all. Since I've gotten my G1 cell phone I have been living in the cloud, I update my calendar, contacts, documents, and pictures all there, I have not gotten to the point of paying for it yet (already at 50% with picasa and I have not been uploading full resolution pictures either). Lately I have not been trying to simplify everything as you will notice the friendFeed embedded to the right. With this there will be redundancy and this post will show up there, but I feel that's not a big deal. I actually titled this the interwebz, because well that's what I am doing creating this web of my crap essentially. In a perfect world everyone would use all the stuff I use and just be happy with it. It would be great if all my friends used google calendar, but they don't. So I add applications to facebook for my picasa and google calendar, to make my life easier, yet they still don't seem to check it ... and that sort of defeats the purpose now doesn't it? I could always make my friendFeed update my facebook status as well, but from what I people hate that, and I don't need to broadcast to everyone, whenever I play a game (because my raptR now updates friendFeed) I have considered the route, which can be good for a variety of things, but I don't necessarily like the way that works, and some people find it impersonal.

My wish list (since not everyone will use everything) would be that there will be more and more intergration with everything on the web, and Facebook connect is an excellent start. so to stay in contact with me is pretty easy, because I try to use everything I hate AIM, but raptr has it integrated so why not. Well the internet is calling me and I need to ruin my attention span some more.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quakecon! and everything else

Well Quakecon was freakin awesome. This year I was a little bit lazier with qcon, because I decided to skip the Wednesday night preregistration and left saturday night. Which normamily I preregister Wednsesday night go home sleep show up thursday and go back and forth to the event until Sunday afternoon. This time went Thursday morning registered then and stayed till 4 in the morning friday, came home slept a few hours went back to qcon around noon Friday then did not leave until Saturday night 10pm-ish. This was my 7th Quakecon. My Quakecons=2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2008, and 2009. 2004-2006 I was a kid and my dad and grandpa were no longer interested in Quakecon, plus I was focusing more on my kickboxing as well. Hopefully I will be able to goto Quakecon every year and look foward to my 8th year in 2010! I had a lot of fun, but I do regret not taking any pictures, because well I brough my camera and everything, I was just to busy having fun. So I don't really have anything to show you. Another thing I only got 2 free shirts and neither one of them are the main Quakecon 2009 shirt!! WTF?! I guess I will have to pick one up next year or ebay (just checked didn't see any *gasp*)

I am not a news reporter nor do I necessarily want to be the more I think about it.  I would like to blog, but honestly writing is not really something I always enjoy doing.  So I don't think I'm gonna keep up with a lot of sites, in this already very competitive market.  For instance in tech news I try and follow 2 blogs, but already they are so good and so fast that I usually end up reading about new things twice I couldn't imagine trying to compete with those (Gawker's Gizmodo and engadget) ... grr I get so lazy with my posts, when I originally had a lot more effort into it, but I guess I'm going to just chill and write run-on sentences and not care.

screw it I'm listening to NIN Ghost because I figured it would help me focus and type, but I forgot to close steam and ppl are msging me grr now I am not focused ... I'll write later

Monday, August 10, 2009

the interwebz mov3s to f@stasloidcvoAIQJ32REaweF

Wow just wow I am going insane I have had a project with my computer with the past couple of days. Guess what it all started with purchasing that junk hard drive. Well I did return it and picked up just a terabyte for about 40 bucks less and its working out perfectly. I needed the space for Quakecon coming up and of course I just wanted it anyways.. so I backed up all my data on it except one drive that I don't format because it clicks already need to keep it safe. I know this post already is not a polished one I will get to that in a minute. So I started my hackintosh project and of course I wanted to run linux as well with windows XP and vista64 or win7RC64, but I was having serious problems getting them to run all under one bootloader without changing what hard drive was booting first yada yada. So after some research I have found Vista has improved (before I used it for DX10 testing and Shadowrun/halo2) compatibility has gotten better even though 64bit is almost the larger issue for that rather than vista itself, but I want it to show all 4 gigs of my ram is that so bad? Don't get me wrong I love XP and in fact I think I love 7 above both of them, however xp doesn't do about 4 things I want it too. win7x64 doesn't have true ambx support yet, reports of it working but I can't get my setup working. I have my premium Phillips Ambx kit and I'm going to use it!! so long story short I finaly got chameleon (hackintosh bootloader) to do everything and settling on one copy of windows so my triple boot setup is Ubuntu, Hackintosh OSXLeopard(Aiktos it does update), and Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit. So I wasn't doing a lot of tweeting, facebook, blogging, or checking up on some of my favorite blogs with google reader, such as kotaku, gizmodo, engadget, and lifehacker. OH MY GOD the internet moves fast, and of course I know this, but holy shit I try to at least glance at every story if not read the whole thing and watch the most likely video link that comes with it. It was so overwhelming that I actually felt angry trying to read it all. So I said fuck it and told google reader to say it read it all, and I did not backlog any tweets either trying to catch up. This is why this post is unpolished and the english is atrocious I am in this angry mode now and just need to vent, at the same time its why I'm blogging right now instead of trying to catch up with the internet, So I'm going to listen to Twit and its summary of the internet and use that as a filter right now, because otherwise I might go insane

once I calm down I'll do another post probably about my hackintosh build or something, a little more readable oh if I read this post later in life there is a good chance I will delete it lol...

Monday, August 3, 2009

YAY I Bought junk!

First of all, I have some ideas for blogs I might incorporate some friends and make a sort of review/rumor site... basically blog, but unified. Well mine would probably would be tech related.

My review of the shitty 1.5TB Barracuda Seagate drive.

Okay you can see where this is going just by the title of the review. Okay no this is not going to be a drawn out long review, because well it was DOA which I can deal with, until I started to read more about this drive (I bought it on impulse). One customer had bought 4 for a raid and 3/4 failed. Thats only a 25% success rate(yes I submitted a review on newegg as well). Alright my closing statements this is my fifth? seagate drive in my lifetime, different models not just this one, they all fail within one year accept one 10GB that I still have and is functional.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Having a relaxing morning

I kept waking up early, because I have been opening for work all week. I had to actually force myself to sleep in some so I would not be so freakin tired at work. I am trying to get into the habit of writing regularly, so when I start blogging about specific categories I will be able to keep up with it. I have ideas going all through my head and I just need to start putting theme somewhere so I don't loose them. I've got this new app on my G1 called the Budget Droid, and I've got to say its pretty cool, a nice simple way to keep track of all my money that I spend since I'm so poor right now I need to do this, I should of done it a long time ago with a pen an paper, but carrying a checkbook or journal all the time is annoying. So that is a reccomendation I have if you have an Android phone, but I'm sure there is one for the IPhone. Nikki just bought me some new shoes and a watch yesterday, they aren't my typical style of shoes, but I like them and they are comfortable. The watch, I just miss having a watch, especially when I am driving, trying to check the time on my phone is not the safest thing to do in a car. Lets brag about Nikki some more this morning she made me coffee and let me have some of her breakfast (I made myself some too, but she gave me half her sandwich). I think I am about to take out the trash as soon as I convince myself too, then I'll have Nikki go with me and we can walk the dog.

Quakecon is coming up, and I can't wait! Although I am not sure I'm gonna have enough money for a terabyte drive before I go... I really need(want) one before I go, because I know how much crap I will be downloading in DC++. This is going to turn into a wish list lol. I want the ZuneHD in September(rumored) and a 16gb MicroSD class 6 card for my cell phone I did buy a 16GB card but it was a class 2, and realised that's slow, I should of researched ahead of time, but I was in too much of a hurry. I am sure I could go on, but I'll save it all for another post.

Listening to: Rage Against the Machine

Gaming: Light Racer (tron clone for the G1)

Watching: The Soloist (it was good, but I expected greatness)

Tinkering: Portable Apps

Thursday, July 30, 2009

probably a shorter post.

Looking for an Xbox or something else to repair, and when I do get one I will be documenting it with pictures, instructions, and maybe Video. I may or may not post those in this blog though I am thinking of starting a separate blog for that sort of thing, and perhaps specialize a few things. Well, I'm out tired and about to got lay down with my girl.

Listening to: System of a Down

Gaming: Played some halo3 today... thats about it

Watching: just watched Tekzilla, gotta say todays episode was dissapointing

Tinkering: Tweetdeck

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am having an out of money experience

I have a shirt that says just that, and it is more true now than ever, of course if I could take back the 10-15 dollars that shirt cost right now I think I would do it. I'll post a pic of me in that shirt on picasa probably soon. Today I go to work do pretty simple tasks have chit chat with the customers clean the store make it look pretty, and that's about it except when no one was in the store I made sure to turn on my Zune and listen to some TWIT podcast, great show if you never listen to it one of Leo Laporte's better podcasts. He sits around with generally eduacated guests who know what they are talking about, with recent tech news, I'm a geek so I find it facinating. Doing that today, made the day go by so much faster, in fact I would say I had a good day at work, also thanks to no grumpy customers. I leave work today to see my wonderful gas tank pointing at the letter 'E' so I decide to pull into the gas station, but before I start pumping I pull out my G1 (kinda bragging) and check out my bank account (no longer bragging) I've got about 24 bucks in there OUCH! now I did return something I bought off of Newegg so I am waiting for an RMA to go through so that should help a little. That was an impulse thing I wanted for my phone, which I will get later, but right now cash is more important. I put 20 dollars in so basically I've got 4 bucks till Friday... oh yea rent is due Saturday guess what there goes my paycheck. I might have a little change, but I gotta save that for other bill throughout the month so basically my entertainment is going to be my new phone and the Internet... I think I can handle, but I think I should stop reading tech and gadget news otherwise my want mode will kick in. If you know any quick way to make some money, or provide me with business to repair/mod PCs/Consoles $50 labor generally which is negotiable based on what exactly the problems are, so basically could be more or less, because of parts etc. details can be provided. Don't have a cool closing statement yet, but I'll work on it.

Listening to:

Gaming: Kitten Cannon (yes the flash game, but its also on my G1)

Watching: Pre-Streets from Blockbuster (work there, I get DVD releases early)

Tinkering: Cloud computing with google.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Blogger post, not my first blog.

Well I am no stranger to the Internet or Internet memes, fads, and traditions. Social media has been around for years, but has had recent explosion thanks to myspace, facebook, twitter, and YouTube. However, we cannot forget BBS's and IRC. I've been blogging since before blog was a word, now I didn't realise this until later in life, but when I was younger I would run websites just for the fun of it and one of them I believe is still running that was pretty much my last one that is still up either way. I have ran a few websites directly from my computer using IIS, but most of those don't last very long and I just don't have the time sometimes. Back to blogging my news section on my angelfire site is truthfully a blog. xanga, friendster, livejournal, okay there are way too many ways to blog and be apart of a community, but there is a good chance I've done maybe 25% of them I've got over 20 email accounts (finally settling on Gmail because well Google is awesome). I have gotten a nice little introduction into this blog, basically I have decided to be an entrepreneur and perhaps get my little piece of the Internet and make a profit, while doing things I am passionate about or talk about things I'm passionate about. What you will see from this blog is probably me talking about the good old days of the Internet such as and also looking foward to great prospects like ustream and qik, and of course links to videos and perhaps even diary-esc entries after all this is my personal blog. I also plan to start other more specific blogs perhaps ones focusing console repair, PC help & repair, music, movies, games, and who knows what else. I'm broke working at Blockbuster video looking for a second job or a good full time replacement, this is all done in my spare time and at the moment there is absolutely no money in it for me, but there shouldn't be for personal blogs anyways. hope you enjoyed this . . . below is a look into some of my spare time at the moment.

Listening to: Tool Discography (I'm not the biggest fan, but told I have to experience them before I offer my opinion... fair enough)

Gaming: Fight Night Round 4 (Xbox360)

Watching: Revision3

Tinkering: My G1

Just got a new phone last week the G1 from T-Mobile and powered by android... one of the best investments in a long time, I'll elaborate later