Monday, August 3, 2009

YAY I Bought junk!

First of all, I have some ideas for blogs I might incorporate some friends and make a sort of review/rumor site... basically blog, but unified. Well mine would probably would be tech related.

My review of the shitty 1.5TB Barracuda Seagate drive.

Okay you can see where this is going just by the title of the review. Okay no this is not going to be a drawn out long review, because well it was DOA which I can deal with, until I started to read more about this drive (I bought it on impulse). One customer had bought 4 for a raid and 3/4 failed. Thats only a 25% success rate(yes I submitted a review on newegg as well). Alright my closing statements this is my fifth? seagate drive in my lifetime, different models not just this one, they all fail within one year accept one 10GB that I still have and is functional.

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