Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nexus One

I am so excited... and its all based on the rumormill, but so many blogs and news sites advertising some of the information from the rumormill almost adds confirmation. So far I believe all the leaked specs are correct. Multiple sites (probably still only 1 source) say release of January 5th, and quite possibly $199 or $100 for "old" Google users hopefully I qualify, which brings me to another point that Nexus One might be invite only at first which also should apply to "old" google users which I have had Gmail since 6/21/2004.. only a coupe of months after its release. So Google if you are reading this please let me be worthy enough for the invite to purchase Nexus One. Don't get me wrong my G1 is good, but its not perfect. Also I plan to start developing on Android, if anyone has any tips let me know I will also be on XDA for help and etc.