Monday, November 8, 2010

Life Choices

You make them everyday, just some are bigger than others. I am working at a great job now, but I know its temporary, however I am too comfortable to really change. This could end up in a downward spiral, or it could really turn into something great, it definitely has started networking for me. The More people you know the more chances I have to get a ahead... just knowing the right people. Can. this be analogy for many other things in life? yes.

I need to get my Cisco cert... just to start but what else do I need out of life, this is a little more philosophical then my normal posts, but I have just had a lot on my mind lately.

well anyways lighten this up a little bit watching the episode 2 of The Walking Dead right now... pretty damn good I must say, kinda lol'ing (spoiler alert) at the whole Shaun of the Dead-ish scene where they are acting like zombies... well they did a little more than that they have to actually smell like the zombie by covering themselves in Dead zombie flesh...yummmm and oh shit its raining.