Thursday, June 30, 2011

hacked and being a neighbor

New job, best description meh, both ups and downs, started out with downs which sucked, but today was really good. So Xbox, PayPal, and my Gamefaqs accounts were all compromised, those 3 accounts used 2 passwords between them, so I have since changed many many many passwords. Lets start with the experience on this.
1. Gamefaqs - they told me right away hey looks like you've been compromised before you can post again try changing your password using your old password (worked surprisingly) then fill out a form, and explain how you got hacked... well honestly I didn't know, but I have a sneaky suspension it has something to do with the lulz boat's 50 day journey. If you don't know LulzSec has been on an antisec ride being funny, hurting innocent bystanders, and educating the public in security. Now I really do find them hilarious and appreciate there work, and hell its educating me and I am already security-conscious, just wasn't cautious. (sorry about the tangent)
2. Paypal - After calling Microsoft about a charge on my account (we'll get back to M$) they recommend I call Paypal as well. So I call Paypal and informed me it was not my Paypal debit card as I thought it was, it turns out it was my actual PayPal account that was compromised, so holy shit, I change the password and security question as requested, by the agent. The money charged by Microsoft was refunded IMMEDIATELY. Kudos Paypal kudos.
3. Xbox live (Windows live, windows phone 7, zune, GFWL) - I use my live account a lot. So the first thing the Hacker or perhaps a script kiddie that obtained my password from the lulzloot. They buy 6000 MS Points, which are weirdly not on my account and I am really confused especially since the Microsoft e-mail had my Gamertag in the body of e-mail (yea I kinda have my account back :-/ kinda). so they buy points, then what do they do Microsoft's new feature of course exporting your account to another xbox supporting region like Russia, yep they ported my account to Russia so anything that comes over Xbox live or windows live is Russian... oh and tech support said its probably not possible to get it back to the United States, and xbox website says only one move every 12 months, so there is a good chance I will have a Russian account for A YEAR!!! this means Live features are disabled, Xbox may not let me download certain things, even if I could read Russian. Zune flat-out is not supported as Zune is not sold outside the United States so guess what no more Zune Social. Windows phone 7 may be coming to Russia this Fall so guess what is happening right now I don't have access to the Marketplace and other awesome features the reason I bought and HD2 and hacked it for WP7 that I can barely use now.

I think I am more mad at how the hack is being handled by Microsoft than any hackers themselves, I've had my Blizzard account compromised in the past and its relatively harmless to get it back. Paypal Best experience ever with a compromised account(I don't feel like I have had a lot of these but still enough to make a judgement)

Okay the being a neighbor, more specifically being an upstairs neighbor. Now I like to enjoy my music, movies, and video games, with loud bass and sound. I want to have parties and be loud, but wtf I feel guilty about this. When I try googling on how to damper subs in an upstairs apartment, all I get is people bitching about their upstairs neighbor, well jesus I don't want to be that guy, but I am. oh well I guess the best I could do is try and put a towel under the sub and try to be considerate. I really like to enjoy loud stuff though.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Not too shabby

Well I am back in the job market, I actually turned down 3-4 jobs before interviewing for this one, and I was hired later that day pretty awesome. Its exactly what I made before with what appears to be a lot more room for growth. Temp to perm instead of just temp. I have had an interesting 2 weeks of unemployment though, and in a way I needed that little vacation, I just didn't need the absence of money. Well I sold my Nexus one on Ebay, winning bid 195, a little disappointing, but technology moves so fast so its good I got that, Craigslist people weren't really offering shit, except one guy offered me to a Nexus S trade which would of been worth it, but I need the cash. Well I will definitely be living some city life, I've decided I will be taking the rail everyday to work still driving to the station, but I still think this is the best way to get there. I guess I am little bit all over the place and I think I have been drinking way too much, but I still have plans to do it next weekend, perhaps after that I may take a little break.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Well the inevitable happened, my job laid me off, they kept me longer than pretty much any other contractor, and I gotta give credit to my managers for keeping us as long as they did. There is still a possibility I could get some real work there as long as a bone is thrown. First thing to do as an unemployed individual. 1. File for unemployment✓ 2. Post at least one item for sale✓ (My old Nexus One on Craigslist, since I have the g2x now.) 3. Look for work ✓ already called my contracting firm so they will be on the lookout. I will probably do my own job searching as well, but currently I think I will take a day or two off just to do it.