Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New Post Same Subject

The Title says it all, and look my last post was in August, its now November there has been a little bit of an update in the whole Live account situation. They unlocked my account in the middle of September which means I can play games now. That is all I can do with my live account, I can't buy DLC or MSPoints from the dashboard, 1. Because its in Russian, which I don't read very well 2. DLC purchased there doesn't work on United States consoles (so I 'm told).

Since they had an "engineer" confirm to me that I would be fine registering my new GFWL games to my gamertag, I thought the same should apply to NTSC Registration codes. So now when I buy my DLC for my account I go through GameStop, and I thought GameStop selling DLC was idiotic.

current account status: my possession but Russian.
Zune: can't log into the software or device
Windows Phone 7: Not supported in Russia either. (feels the need to tell me I have 7 updates, but when I click on the marketplace says this region is not supported.)


Life in general has been alright, but speeding up in a way I am not sure I appreciate. I goto work, play games, party, and pretty much repeat. I throw some family time in their. There are things I am starting to want again which should be healthy.