Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Tale of Keyboard Mouse adapters for Consoles

First of all this isn't going to be a history lesson, because if it was, I would have to talk about XFrag 360 from Team Xecuter which didn't allow you to rebind most of the controls (might have in the second revision). Or the Smartjoy for the PS2/OriginalXbox. Nah I'm trying to be a little more modern here. So I decided to make a quick little doc about some of the devices and upcoming device the Xim4. I'm really looking forward to the Xim4 and it's support for the headset while using the Xbone controller. Yes there are workarounds using a second controller logged into a Live guest account, or just using Kinect. But I like my all in one solutions. And the xim settings from a phone is just genius, no need to make their build $50 more expensive to add a screen and a clugey interface. Don't get me wrong I love my XIM3, just I'm looking forward to the future. If you didn't catch the link above here is the comparison chart of the {XIM3(discontinued) XIM Edge(discontinued) XIM4(not released yet) CronusMAX iOGear Keymander PS3 Eagle Eye Penguin United Eagle Eye FragFx PS3 & 360 Variant (two models)}

EDIT: updated the google doc link, and the XIM4 was great, now onto testing XIM Apex