Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life Changes, I might

Goals, Friends, Hobbies(maybe not a lot of change here), relationships, family, and everything else. Everything changes, whether its a little or a lot. Amazingly I am still at the "temporary" job so thats not to bad there. Of course I still game, I finally beat Darksiders, great game by the way. Family that I was never close too I am making an effort to do so, it seems that I should, true I feel kind of obligated, but I want to as well. Relationships, well anyone who knows me knows why this is mentioned. Friends, I am always happy with my circle of friends, even though it dwindles from time to time, but receives new ones occasionally. I want to broaden my circle lately, in also perhaps an attempt to locate a new relationship. Goals, well I keep making bets to loose weight, and I think I have shown pretty good discipline so far. Only water to drink, very seldom have I eaten after 7pm, and when I do I try to make it light, or stay up a little longer to digest. No fast food, a lot more cooking, chicken, pork chops, sauce, and eating things like soup, fruit, and yogurt. first 2 weeks of begging my goal to loose weight I worked out every single morning even if it was only sit ups and push ups I did something, I kind of fell off the wagon there. I did have shin splints at the begging of this as well, I believe those are finally getting better and I can begin to run and really shed the pounds. Well honestly I know I am a horrible writer, and my communications skills are atrocious. So perhaps if I write a little bit more I can mend that, someone also suggested I start reading more novels, but A.D.D. might make that a little difficult, perhaps I'll listen to that book "Driven to Distraction" for a little help.