Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Work going good oh and Wave! :-)

I am still in training for my new job.. yea its a lot of training and the final test will be Monday! pass that and then I start answering phones then in a week I'm working a new crappy Schedule... which is cool I will be able to get it changed in 90 days and once I show I am excellent I should have first bid. Anyways I got my google Wave invite today! woot, looks like quite a few went out today, couple of my contacts showed up on there as well, and well I had to invite a couple people next to me.. because I was checking my e-mail at work... yea bad idea. and wave wow... Its a chat room with missing features, I really am not sure what to do with it.... its really cool, I think it will almost be better as a website builder with a friend than anything else, maybe when I get a lot of people in a wave the purpose will change for me. short terrible grammar post today.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New job test tommorow

Yea so I've been a little preoccupied with things to write, however I thought about writing quite a few times just never really got around to it. Well anyways I started my new job last week 10-26-09 w00t! and so far so good I do believe I am the youngest person out of my hire group(class).. yea there is this 5 week class that we go through for a "Major Telecom Company that has a contract with Telvista" I am actually not aloud to say what company it is, however I believe telvista's website has all their contracts *cough*. So blockbuster is completely done with and what was my store is suppose to become and "permanent outlet store" which means they won't rent, but not close either even though on my last day we got store closing signs... upper management is still lying to my once fellow employees that the store will not close. We'll see and honestly I would love it to stay open. Anyways maybe not working their I will actually stop talking about the old BBV well until I get a combo movie or game pass.... So I've got a 2nd xbox 360 nice and modded to play my backups... and honestly its great for lanning as well instead of buying the game twice (I do own a legit copy of these) I just hate split screen that much....

I thought I would be bored of my phone already, but new roms and apps continually come out.... now I still get jealous about newer phones coming out especially that Verizon is getting the new DROID which is just amazing, yet I am sure that when my contract is up there will be absolutely amazing phones out... now T-Mobile was DOWN yesterday... all over the united states effecting (they said 5% of their customers) yet twitter and message boards... lead me to believe that it is way higher than that.

Sudden stop here I am not fully sure how to end today's post, other than I am going to make my Girlfriend some dinner and pamper her tonight she has had a rough week with her "new" job (had for a few months) so shes already to job hunt... but I am hoping to relax her some tonight...