Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Work going good oh and Wave! :-)

I am still in training for my new job.. yea its a lot of training and the final test will be Monday! pass that and then I start answering phones then in a week I'm working a new crappy Schedule... which is cool I will be able to get it changed in 90 days and once I show I am excellent I should have first bid. Anyways I got my google Wave invite today! woot, looks like quite a few went out today, couple of my contacts showed up on there as well, and well I had to invite a couple people next to me.. because I was checking my e-mail at work... yea bad idea. and wave wow... Its a chat room with missing features, I really am not sure what to do with it.... its really cool, I think it will almost be better as a website builder with a friend than anything else, maybe when I get a lot of people in a wave the purpose will change for me. short terrible grammar post today.

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