Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Origin update issues with overlays even more dramatic, especially stealthy ones like Razer's

[I wrote this originally for a message board, currently being lazy and not editing it too much for the blog]

So prior to the Origin 9.5 update, if the origin overlay was incompatible with something it simply wouldn't start. NOW if it's incompatible it seems to try and start every 15-30 seconds maxing out your root drive (in my experience, even though origin is stored elsewhere) and causing massive frame drops in every game I launch through Origin unless I completely disable the Overlay.

Now I like the Overlay espcially in Titanfall when I joining and inviting people to various games. So let's try and get a list of processes and programs that  cause issues....

of course the usual suspects, which are things that have overlays (frame counters, interactive menus etc.)
MSI Afterburner/EVGA Precision (other Rivatuner skins that have overlays)
Overwolf? (TS3 add-in thing)
Steam (non-steam game shortcut of course)

These may not all even cause problems, in fact last I checked Raptr seemed to work with it alright, I think DXtory can eventually delay the hook enough it'll work (lovely feature btw)

Shadowplay seems fine, but I'm not sure it's hooks might be either early enough or late enough...

But what about the overlays you don't see, but are still there?
Razer Synapse has a new stats feature, which I'm pretty sure uses an Overlay, but even with it disabled I see a process called "razeringameengine.exe" I actually thought it was Razer Cortex at first, however it only shows up after launching Synapse, well ended that process and Synapse still runs fine, and now I don't have the Origin issues I was having YAY!...

runner up issue as this is really uncommon, ambx ... anyone who has an ambx kit that changes lights based on the game screen colors being presented, well that's an overlay detecting those colors, and it crashes A LOT of games not a lot of info about that running around. 

What is the point of this post? To get the information out there, help those who are having the same issues I'm having, and more importantly have the Origin devs look at this and fix how the Overlay hooks into the game, because right now it's atrocious and seems to get more incompatible with each update.

my culprit [imgur link]

the blog entry that helped me a little more into looking for the culprit [note my comments]

Hope this helps

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EDIT:.. my favorite way to amend this issue is to use Razer Cortex (Formery Razer Game Booster a rebranding IOBit Game Booster, although a quick google they used to froward to Razer it doesn't look like they do that any more... interesting)