Monday, August 10, 2009

the interwebz mov3s to f@stasloidcvoAIQJ32REaweF

Wow just wow I am going insane I have had a project with my computer with the past couple of days. Guess what it all started with purchasing that junk hard drive. Well I did return it and picked up just a terabyte for about 40 bucks less and its working out perfectly. I needed the space for Quakecon coming up and of course I just wanted it anyways.. so I backed up all my data on it except one drive that I don't format because it clicks already need to keep it safe. I know this post already is not a polished one I will get to that in a minute. So I started my hackintosh project and of course I wanted to run linux as well with windows XP and vista64 or win7RC64, but I was having serious problems getting them to run all under one bootloader without changing what hard drive was booting first yada yada. So after some research I have found Vista has improved (before I used it for DX10 testing and Shadowrun/halo2) compatibility has gotten better even though 64bit is almost the larger issue for that rather than vista itself, but I want it to show all 4 gigs of my ram is that so bad? Don't get me wrong I love XP and in fact I think I love 7 above both of them, however xp doesn't do about 4 things I want it too. win7x64 doesn't have true ambx support yet, reports of it working but I can't get my setup working. I have my premium Phillips Ambx kit and I'm going to use it!! so long story short I finaly got chameleon (hackintosh bootloader) to do everything and settling on one copy of windows so my triple boot setup is Ubuntu, Hackintosh OSXLeopard(Aiktos it does update), and Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit. So I wasn't doing a lot of tweeting, facebook, blogging, or checking up on some of my favorite blogs with google reader, such as kotaku, gizmodo, engadget, and lifehacker. OH MY GOD the internet moves fast, and of course I know this, but holy shit I try to at least glance at every story if not read the whole thing and watch the most likely video link that comes with it. It was so overwhelming that I actually felt angry trying to read it all. So I said fuck it and told google reader to say it read it all, and I did not backlog any tweets either trying to catch up. This is why this post is unpolished and the english is atrocious I am in this angry mode now and just need to vent, at the same time its why I'm blogging right now instead of trying to catch up with the internet, So I'm going to listen to Twit and its summary of the internet and use that as a filter right now, because otherwise I might go insane

once I calm down I'll do another post probably about my hackintosh build or something, a little more readable oh if I read this post later in life there is a good chance I will delete it lol...

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