Monday, September 28, 2009

Should be writing a resume.

Well just like my title says I should be writing a resume, but I need to think right now. I've notice blog writing can be difficult to write if you have to write something, however since I have no pressure to write or really and audience to please I can use it to brain storm. So basically my resume is kinda meh at best, just need to write a nice little Objective section as well as a interest section. Thinking 1-3 sentences about needing a job to gas up my life some how for the objective. As for interests I was thinking about talking about my computer interests and the fact that I am a conversationalist and enjoy talking to people as well as learning. So I guess now I need to word it perfectly and with the correct grammar.
How this all started well... it started a while ago, I mean my first blog post is about trying to make money. My current employer who will be named (remain nameless sounds cooler though), Blockbuster has made it very important that I do not work more than 32 hours a week, because my title is officially a part time and not full time, even thought I have worked 40 hours a week for pretty much 2 years. Holidays are coming up as well as other things coming out.... So I am going to get a new job, I have to. So after listening to some TWiT I am going to work on my resume some more and perhaps apply at some places just in case "resume jobs" don't work out so well.

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