Monday, September 14, 2009

I need to hit the play button on life

Alright this weekend was awesome and not awesome, it was awesome because we had a soaking we kegger, and it sucked because we had a soaking wet kegger. So I enjoyed the party I just have a problem with getting all my clothes all mudded up having to clean them and sleeping in a leaking tent. There were some marine buddies in town, plus my usual peeps that I hang out with so really it was awesome. That was Saturday night to Sunday morning, don't worry if you want to check it out the pictures are under the PARTY section in my picasa which were there really quick.

I want a new job and a change, now don't get me wrong I am very happy with my life, but things have to get moving. I am not really meaning college, but I do want to get some certifications like A plus and CCNA, which I am positive I could walk in and pass the Aplus no problem, but I will make sure to study both before I go in that way I have a less chance of failing and wasting the cost of the exam. My job is meh I like Blockbuster, but things just happen that more and more make you want to move on so I want to. Publishing this post could just give me that incentive, because quite frankly my manage looks at facebook and my facebook has my friendfeed tab on my profile and she can find it, but I really don't think she will, not that its a problem if she does. I just want a new job.

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