Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am having an out of money experience

I have a shirt that says just that, and it is more true now than ever, of course if I could take back the 10-15 dollars that shirt cost right now I think I would do it. I'll post a pic of me in that shirt on picasa probably soon. Today I go to work do pretty simple tasks have chit chat with the customers clean the store make it look pretty, and that's about it except when no one was in the store I made sure to turn on my Zune and listen to some TWIT podcast, great show if you never listen to it one of Leo Laporte's better podcasts. He sits around with generally eduacated guests who know what they are talking about, with recent tech news, I'm a geek so I find it facinating. Doing that today, made the day go by so much faster, in fact I would say I had a good day at work, also thanks to no grumpy customers. I leave work today to see my wonderful gas tank pointing at the letter 'E' so I decide to pull into the gas station, but before I start pumping I pull out my G1 (kinda bragging) and check out my bank account (no longer bragging) I've got about 24 bucks in there OUCH! now I did return something I bought off of Newegg so I am waiting for an RMA to go through so that should help a little. That was an impulse thing I wanted for my phone, which I will get later, but right now cash is more important. I put 20 dollars in so basically I've got 4 bucks till Friday... oh yea rent is due Saturday guess what there goes my paycheck. I might have a little change, but I gotta save that for other bill throughout the month so basically my entertainment is going to be my new phone and the Internet... I think I can handle, but I think I should stop reading tech and gadget news otherwise my want mode will kick in. If you know any quick way to make some money, or provide me with business to repair/mod PCs/Consoles $50 labor generally which is negotiable based on what exactly the problems are, so basically could be more or less, because of parts etc. details can be provided. Don't have a cool closing statement yet, but I'll work on it.

Listening to:

Gaming: Kitten Cannon (yes the flash game, but its also on my G1)

Watching: Pre-Streets from Blockbuster (work there, I get DVD releases early)

Tinkering: Cloud computing with google.

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