Tuesday, July 28, 2009

First Blogger post, not my first blog.

Well I am no stranger to the Internet or Internet memes, fads, and traditions. Social media has been around for years, but has had recent explosion thanks to myspace, facebook, twitter, and YouTube. However, we cannot forget BBS's and IRC. I've been blogging since before blog was a word, now I didn't realise this until later in life, but when I was younger I would run websites just for the fun of it and one of them I believe is still running http://www.angelfire.com/realm/zonex/ that was pretty much my last one that is still up either way. I have ran a few websites directly from my computer using IIS, but most of those don't last very long and I just don't have the time sometimes. Back to blogging my news section on my angelfire site is truthfully a blog. xanga, friendster, livejournal, okay there are way too many ways to blog and be apart of a community, but there is a good chance I've done maybe 25% of them I've got over 20 email accounts (finally settling on Gmail because well Google is awesome). I have gotten a nice little introduction into this blog, basically I have decided to be an entrepreneur and perhaps get my little piece of the Internet and make a profit, while doing things I am passionate about or talk about things I'm passionate about. What you will see from this blog is probably me talking about the good old days of the Internet such as HEAT.net and also looking foward to great prospects like ustream and qik, and of course links to videos and perhaps even diary-esc entries after all this is my personal blog. I also plan to start other more specific blogs perhaps ones focusing console repair, PC help & repair, music, movies, games, and who knows what else. I'm broke working at Blockbuster video looking for a second job or a good full time replacement, this is all done in my spare time and at the moment there is absolutely no money in it for me, but there shouldn't be for personal blogs anyways. hope you enjoyed this . . . below is a look into some of my spare time at the moment.

Listening to: Tool Discography (I'm not the biggest fan, but told I have to experience them before I offer my opinion... fair enough)

Gaming: Fight Night Round 4 (Xbox360)

Watching: Revision3

Tinkering: My G1

Just got a new phone last week the G1 from T-Mobile and powered by android... one of the best investments in a long time, I'll elaborate later

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