Thursday, January 28, 2010

I will not judge by betas, I will not judge by betas...

Okay this is really hard not to do... especially when the betas are so close to a games release... and well core gameplay is actually not going to change, yes they may fix the connection issues, lag, and even perhaps some balancing, but all in all not going to fix if I really like the game. so Battlefield Bad Company 2, is the game I am referring to currently referring too. However, what I have said applies to most betas. The game already has its flaws for instance the M9 handgun is currently the best sniper in the game or any gun period I can't tell you how many times I died to that freakin gun while I was sniping a tiny little spec on the map. Also there is no prone... yes, NO PRONE... well this is not a review of the final game, because I quite enjoyed the campaign of the first one I felt it had charm, well after the frustration of playing a beta I was so looking forward too I needed to vent... yes I will probably play it again towards the end of the beta just to see if they fixed the many issues I have already pointed out. thanks for reading

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