Saturday, July 9, 2011

Work is work fun is fun, if work was fun they would call it fun

You know I hate that quote. I have had plenty of jobs where I had fun while I worked. Obviously that does not include Hellvista (Verizon FiOS support Telvista). Tonight I am writing, usually I have more of a purpose I guess I'm writing because I am bored? Got my Google+ invite and bragging about that? I am not really sure. Yeah I think I'm already done, don't really have anything to write about tonight, so I'll just end on a quote

"In my dream, the world had suffered a terrible disaster. A black haze shut out the sun, and the darkness was alive with the moans and screams of wounded people. Suddenly, a small light glowed. A candle flickered into life, symbol of hope for millions. A single tiny candle, shining in the ugly dark. I laughed and blew it out." - The Joker

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