Wednesday, July 20, 2011

PC Elitist

Well I have always been a PC gamer, but I have also always branched out because I tend to play everything. Now just a thought here I know if y'all have read any previous blog posts then I am pretty perturbed at Microsoft right now for their poor handling of my breached account (putting it nicely). PSN was down a month+. And PC Gaming... completely independent on one service, granted Steam has become the center for a lot of gamers, but thats natural. I remember other services quite well that I use to flock to. Gamespy3d(arcade), Mplayer, believe sega owned this, or bought it), MSN Gaming Zone, and there were some more, I just didn't really frequent them. I guess you could count Xfire. The more I think about it, I miss, not the lag obviously, but the lobby system was pretty cool. Anyway the entire point of this post was blatant love for pc gaming, and how no matter how many times people say its going to die, it never will.

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