Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Quakecon Woooooop

Ah the yearly gathering of geeks. Probably the main think I look forward to in a year. 8,000+ attendees this year. We are outgrowing the venue yet again. This is usually a good thing. Work is going alright I enjoy the shift just not the time it takes place. What I mean by that is 12-9 is a shift where less work is required, because well its just not as busy. However its 12-9 and I don't get home till 10-ish which means people are already doing something (hard to cut in the middle sometimes) or they are done for the night. I guess one thing is nice if I do go out its not that big of a deal if its late. And midnight showings of movies. I've got to say Quakecon is getting a little more commercialized than I like, yet at the same time I have to encourage that. I want this event to stay free (even thought I spend money on it because I support it). Commercialization is how Quakecon will thrive and I am happy for ID.
Thinking of picking up either a brand new hobby or get back into an old one. Need to do more physical activities. I mean in between gaming sessions of course.

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