Friday, August 19, 2011

Live account still not in my hands

So called xbox again this week, 1st on Sunday then Today...
On Sunday, they agent informed me that it usually takes 22 business days for an account to be restored to its owner... fine but considering Sunday was 8/14 and my account was hacked on 6/30 and I called them that day, kind of disappointing they don't even make their own standard. Then it turns out that "this" investigation didn't start until 7/17 which even then that puts the 22 day make to 8/16 ... so whats up? Well she said by her calculations that I should have my account back by this week, cool finally I will be able to add some arcade games to my collection (I am not about have those split up on different accounts I want to play some god damn fruit ninja kinect). Well today is Friday and I have heard nothing so I contact Xbox yet again no update. So Microsoft I can also see I am not alone in this mess and reading some of the comments in that article it seems like people got their account back in 3 weeks.... well cool story bro. What is taking you so long, are you that backlogged with hacked accounts? Figure this out.

EDIT: fixed some dates

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  1. I still exist!